Special Box – Campovolo 2015


Everyone who buys a Campovolo ticket will receive an exclusive “SPECIAL BOX CAMPOVOLO 2015” (one per purchased ticket), which will include:
– a DVD including video clips of “Balliamo sul Mondo” and “Certe Notti”, the footage of the same songs performed live during the “Mondovisione Tour” and the video clip of “C’è sempre una canzone”;
– a “memorabilia” ticket to immediately get to the heart of the event. The personal codes printed on the ticket will give you access to exclusive backstage and rehearsal content, as well as live videos and real time updates here on campovolo.ligabue.com;
– a reprint of two official photo postcards used when “Ligabue” and “Buon compleanno Elvis” were released, and three live photo postcards;
– a 40 page booklet with anecdotes about the birth of “Ligabue” and “Buon Compleanno Elvis”.

IMPORTANT: the “SPECIAL BOX CAMPOVOLO 2015” will only be shipped to the home address of whoever buys a ticket to Campovolo on Ticketone with the “ship to home” option. All buyers who choose the “pick up the ticket at the event” or “buy the ticket at a point of sale” option can pick up their “Special box” directly at Campovolo (info will follow shortly).